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Porsche RS Carbon Fiber Fenders

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Surface Finish

The Fender body is made of pure high-temperature and high-pressure tank body dry carbon technology, using CNC aluminum alloy molds as the foundation, with perfect OEM fit.

High quality prepreg carbon cloth is selected, Made of integrated pure dry autoclave, 100% Full carbon fiber products, Not carbon overlays or carbon look.

Equipped with hub hot air duct heat dissipation function, Multiple carbon finishes are available for the main body and air vents.

* No sacrifice replacement installation

* Please avoid scratching the uv lacquered surface when unpacking,And complete the PPF as soon as possible.

Porsche 981/718
Cayman GT4 (2016-2023+)

Porsche 718
Cayman / Boxster (2017- 2023+)

Porsche 981
Cayman / Boxster 981 and 981.2 (2013-2016)

Lightweight Your GT4

Beautiful 3D surface


Smooth and no wrinkled

Extremely light weight