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Porsche GT4RS Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

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Surface Finish

The dry carbon rear spoiler kit consists of 13 main parts,The main part of the wing adopts the combination technology of inlaying CNC aluminum alloy inside the carbon fiber,Make the metal base and carbon fiber are integrated,The tail wing side plate is flat and smooth without concave text,Provide a variety of finish options as required。

6063-T6 billet aluminum is selected for wing riser,Made with multi-axis precision equipment,The surface of CNC riser is treated with hard coating,The surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the riser are greatly improved。

The wing kit is equipped with a full set of customized titanium alloy screws,The assembly method of hidden hole position originally designed by FV brand,Make the rear lid beautiful and traceless after opening,Sandwich fixation makes the wing kit firm and stable without abnormal sound during use,The junction between the wing riser and rear lid is waterproof and shock-absorbing。

The OEM three-section wing angle adjustable function is also retained to meet the strength requirements of different downforce in various scenes of street and track。


Porsche 718
Cayman (2017- 2022+)

Porsche 981
Cayman (2013-2016)

Lightweight Your GT4

Beautiful 3D surface


Smooth and no wrinkled

Extremely light weight